THE VISION: Connecting Christian law student "Fellows" with lawyers of faith to foster the next generation of Christ-centered leaders in the legal profession.

THE GOALS: Community; Counsel; Calling.

  • Community: Build community through personal relationships between mentors and Fellows; connect all members of the mentorship program with one another to foster strong relationships among North Carolina’s Christian lawyers.

  • Counsel: Connect Fellows with lawyers of integrity who can offer counsel, wisdom, and insight into the professional realities of being a Christian attorney.

  • Calling: Pair aspiring lawyers with practitioner role models who can walk alongside and encourage them as they seek out their calling in life.

THE NAMESAKE: The McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program is named in honor of two prominent UNC Law alumni, former U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre (’78 BA, ’81 JD) and former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Willis Whichard (’62 BA, ’65 JD), both of whom currently serve as mentors in the program. The careers of Justice Whichard and Congressman McIntyre offer Carolina Law students an example of what it means to apply faith-based values throughout a lifetime of servant leadership (Mark 10:42-45). In the spirit of that legacy, the McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program was established to foster a new generation of leaders by building relationships between law students and attorneys who have excelled in public and community service, as well as private practice.

THE PROGRAM: The McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program pairs UNC Law students with legal professionals for a year-long mentorship partnership focused on both professional and spiritual growth. Mentors volunteer their time to meet monthly with mentees to offer their experience and guidance on topics ranging from job applications, to work-life balance, to maintaining a robust faith life while practicing law. In addition to fostering personal mentorship relationships, the McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program provides a unique opportunity for attorneys to build relationships with their Christian peers in the legal profession. Over the course of the year, the full group of mentors and mentees convene for three “Fellowship Dinners” where all members of the program gather to share a meal, discuss questions of faith and law, and offer lessons learned from a diverse array of legal careers. Click here to apply.

MENTORS: If you are a legal professional and are willing to participate in the McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program as a mentor, we invite you to get in touch with the Christian Legal Society by filling out this survey. Mentees involved in the McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program are always appreciative of your support!

THE SUPPORTERS: Thanks to following attorneys and firms for their generous support of McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program! In the coming year, we hope to have the financial resources to increase the number of law students the mentorship program can accommodate. Please consider supporting this impactful ministry with a tax-deductible donation to UNC Law Foundation's Christian Legal Society Fund (click here to donate)! All donations to the fund go exclusively to support the McIntyre-Whichard Fellows Program. 

Denise Branch

David Chambers

Everett Gaskins Hancock, LLP

Mike McIntyre

Kristi Nickodem

Robin Pipkin

Susan Taylor

Steve West 

The 2018-2019 Fellows Class

Spring Fellowship Dinner and Fellows Graduation