About Our Spring Immigration Clinic

This year, we will be partnering with Apex Immigration Services (AIS) and the Church World Services of Durham to do immigration intakes for immigrant children who participate in the CAM Refugee Program. We are expecting to help around forty children fill out application forms so they can receive extended humanitarian parole under this program, which allows children whose parents are in the US legally to stay here in the states with their families.

  • Event Date: Saturday, April 14th, 2018
  • Event Location: Apex, North Carolina
  • Volunteers Needed: 10-25
  • Lunch is Provided
  • Pro Bono Hours for Clinic & Training



In order to participate in the project, there is a mandatory training session on Thursday, April 12th from 6PM to 8PM. An AIS attorney will come and walk volunteers through the forms and interview process. While the training is mandatory, if you are interested in the project but cannot attend the training, please e-mail either me or Evan, and we will see if we can catch you up on the training before the event date. 

  • Training Date & TimeThursday, April 12th, 2018 (6-8 PM)

What You Will Be Doing

Throughout the day, we will be conducting interviews with these children and their families. During the interview, you will simply write down the information needed in order to fill out the form they need to extend their parole. This is not complex material. There is no prior training required. We will have a supervising attorney on site reviewing the applications, and other representatives from AIS will be there to help handle any questions. You do not have to speak Spanish in order to help. There will be translators onsite.

Time Commitment

This project will be an all-day clinic. However, if you cannot commit to the full day, you can come for a morning or afternoon session. If you cannot commit fully to the morning or afternoon session, there is an additional option on the form for "other" where you can specify the hours which you can volunteer. The clinic will be in Apex, which is about thirty minutes from here. If you are unable to drive but would still like to participate, please reach out to me or Evan and we will find a ride for you. 

Why This Is Important

Because the need is so great (there are forty children signed up for this), the more volunteers we have, the better. I cannot think of anything more rewarding experience than helping these children stay with their families here in the US. As the Christian Legal Society, part of our mission is to extend the love of Christ to the community around us and to be the arms and legs of the Lord here on earth. As such, this clinic is one of the most important things we will do this year, and I hope that you all will come out to help us do that. As an added bonus, this will look great on your resumes, will count for Pro Bono Hours, and, for those considering a leadership position next year, this will be a great way to show your commitment to the organization.

Please email me at carrere@live.unc.edu if you have any further questions.

Taylor Carrere (CLS Pro Bono Coordinator)