CLS Executive Board Officer Descriptions and Signup

The CLS election meeting are coming soon. Please consider applying to serve as a student leader next year! Information about the positions is below; sign up at the bottom of the page. You may run for as many positions as you wish! 

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President. The President shall oversee the holistic operations of CLS, facilitating coordination among all officers, and fostering spiritual growth among all members of the organization. Duties of the President will include but are not limited to forging strong trusting relationships with CLS members, faculty, attorneys, and community leaders; operating as CLS’s representative and primary spokesperson to the law school community, university community, and public-at-large in all matters for which a formal representative is required or appropriate; serving as the primary contact person for CLS in any communication with the CLS national office; being responsible to select, notify, and prepare the individuals who are to lead the Bible study, mentorship events, lunch meetings, and speaker introductions; inviting guest speakers to address CLS; encouraging open-minded dialogue and loving community in all CLS gatherings. The President may delegate responsibilities to another officer whose area of expertise is better suited to execute the task in question.

Vice President. The Vice President shall assist and advise the President in the discharge of his or her duties and shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be necessary. Duties of the Vice President include but are not limited to coordinating weekly Bible studies and lining up student leaders each week; working with the Executive Board to develop a semester-long schedule and framework for programs; assisting the President with set-up and clean-up of events when needed; advising the Executive Board on how best to coordinate roles; serving as a liaison to the CLS faculty advisor; overseeing the process to maintain CLS’s status as a registered club with the UNC student organizations staff. In the absence of the President, or in the event of the President’s inability or refusal to act, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President, and when so acting, shall have all of the powers of, and be subject to all of the restrictions upon, the President.

Mentorship Director. The Mentorship Director shall work in conjunction with the Executive Director of the North Carolina Study Center to oversee the successful year-long operation of the Christian Legal Fellows Program. Duties of the Mentorship Director include but are not limited to mentor recruitment and retention; mentee application procedures; coordinating with the Outreach Director to raise awareness of the program and encourage applications; forming a board to select mentees from pool of applicants; connecting mentors and mentees; sending monthly guidance and reminders to encourage mentors and mentees to hold regular, meaningful meetings; planning at least three full-group events to be held in the fall, winter, and spring; coordinating with the finance director to raise funds for full group events; interfacing with mentorship directors to discuss program priorities and future goals.

Outreach Director. The Outreach Director shall coordinate external communications and spread the ministry of CLS by raising awareness of the organization’s events. Duties of the Outreach Director include but are not limited to designing publicity materials such as flyers, print-outs, and posters; posting CLS information on public fora such as Facebook and bulletin boards; announcing upcoming events, speakers, or Bible studies; communicating with local churches, faith organizations, and faith leaders to raise their awareness of CLS and brainstorm areas of collaboration; coordinating with the Digital Director to ensure timely posting of CLS events on the My Carolina Law Calendar; recommending legal professionals from various practice areas to address CLS as part of the speaker series.

Finance Director (formally the Treasurer). The Finance Director shall oversee all fundraising efforts and be in charge of coordinating the various income streams that CLS has at its disposal. Duties of the Finance Director include but are not limited to maintaining all financial records of CLS; recording and maintaining all history payment of funds, deposits, and disbursements from the CLS accounts; ensuring timely reimbursements for any expenses properly incurred for CLS programming; maintaining and enforcing the utmost standards of Christian and legal integrity in all financial transactions, and taking all reasonable efforts to ensure that all CLS members do the same; undergoing a brief training at the beginning of the school year to learn about the various sources of funds available to student groups.

Digital Director (formally the Secretary). The Digital Director shall be in charge of the rapidly growing CLS online presence. No coding or particular tech-savvy skills shall be required for this position. Duties of the Digital Director include but are not limited to overseeing the CLS website ( and ensuring that it is updated regularly with upcoming events, sign-up forms, and accurate information; working with the Outreach Director to make timely posting of CLS events on the My Carolina Law Calendar and reserve rooms online; maintain the back end operations of all sign-up forms including the spreadsheets holding CLS member sign-up lists, RSVP lists, and other opt-in lists; adding names and email address of those who sign up for CLS to the CLS listserv through Mail Chimp; working with the Finance Director to create easy-to-use online donation methods.

Pro Bono Director. The Pro Bono Director shall be in charge of coordinating opportunities for CLS members to serve needy communities by addressing unmet legal needs at no cost. Duties of the Pro Bono Director include but are not limited to planning and overseeing at least one full-group CLS pro bono project during the school year; raising awareness of pro bono opportunities and encouraging CLS members to participate in those projects; recommending Christian attorneys to speak to CLS about the importance of pro bono work; identifying attorneys willing to serve as sponsors for CLS pro bono clinics.

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