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Every Tuesday morning from 8:00-8:30 am, you're invited to join CLS in the Rumpus Room for Bible Study, coffee, and a light breakfast. Come as you are; there is no requirement that you bring a Bible or even know anything about the Bible. We will read a chapter of scripture together, hold a brief discussion on the passage, and close in prayer in time to get to class at 8:45 am. All are welcome to join this weekly gathering as we stumble through life together and seek to find God amidst the frenetic pace of law school. 

Our most sincere thanks to these local churches* for sponsoring the weekly coffee and breakfast. Click below to learn more about their ministries.

The Summit Church, Chapel Hill Campus

University Baptist Church

Chapel of the Cross

*sponsorships updated weekly; if your church would like to support this Bible Study fellowship, please contact us here.

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