CLS Advisory Council

There are five open Advisory Council positions on the 2018-2019 Christian Legal Society Executive Board. Please find the description for these positions below. To apply for a position on the Advisory Council, please fill out the form below. Applications are due by FRIDAY, APRIL 13 (4/13). The CLS Executive Board will reach a decision regarding the positions by TUESDAY, APRIL 16 (4/16). 

Questions? E-mail Matt at or Kendall Thielemann at

UNC Law CLS Constitution 5.2.8 Other Officers- The Advisory Council. Should the President see a need for additional officers beyond those listed above in this Article, the President shall have the authority to appoint up to five individuals to serve as a “CLS Advisory Council” and assign to the Advisory Council Members such tasks as are necessary to meet the current needs of the organization. The term of the Advisory Council Members shall be the same as all other officers, concluding in the spring semester when elections are held, pursuant to section 5.4 of this Article. CLS Advisory Council Members shall not be members of the Executive Board and shall hold no rights or privileges associated therewith.

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