The Christian Legal Society of the University of North Carolina School of Law is a Christ-centered student group with a focus on fellowship, mentorship, and pro bono service. Our members include law students and professionals who are committed to glorifying God through spiritual formation, compassionate outreach, and the integration of faith and legal practice. 


Our society strives to support Christian students in their walk of faith through law school. As new students come to Chapel Hill in each year, CLS works to get them connected with roommates, housing, churches, and community organizations. CLS enjoys a long tradition of hosting Christian leaders in the legal community who regularly address the group on important issues at the nexus of faith and law. Our list of distinguished speakers includes law school deans, members of congress, and North Carolina Supreme Court justices. In the middle of the busy life of law school, CLS provides a faith-based opportunity for law students to fellowship. In addition to our weekly lunch meetings where we gather for discussion, scripture reading, and prayer, our members often meet for group dinners, outdoor events, and worship services.


CLS provides a network for attorneys of faith to connect to the Christian legal community. New members benefit from mentorship with upperclassmen in law school and professionals in the field. Upperclassmen help new students navigate their way through the first years of school, providing guidance, insights, and friendship early on in the law school journey. CLS has a proud tradition of cultivating leaders in the law school and legal community. Our members are active in various student organizations such as the school journals, moot court, student bar association, and pro bono. Local professionals also partner with CLS to provide career advice and connections to young attorneys as they begin their post-graduate career. More information about our mentorship program can be found on the Mentorship page (coming soon).

Pro Bono Service

UNC School of Law has a long and proud tradition of Pro Bono service in the North Carolina community. Our members are highly active in the Pro Bono and public interest projects, acting out their faith in service to others. CLS seeks to partner with organizations that have a faith or a family-oriented mission in their legal practice. Our Pro Bono coordinator is responsible for connecting our members with the right projects.